With self belief anything is possible

Kausar is a British luxury leather handbag and accessories brand which pays homage to female empowerment. We celebrate ordinary women doing extraordinary things. The conceptual phoenix logo is a symbol of rising into the light and embodies a women’s endless opportunities to reinvent herself. We capture this philosophy in our cutting edge geometric designs.  

Like every woman the inner part or ‘soul’ of our products is just as important as the exterior design or ‘spirit’. The photographic images and inspiring quotes inside our products are from a bygone era of courageous women and a reminder that with self-belief anything is possible.

For every Kausar collection we partner with a charitable cause that supports our brand values. We donate 5% of the profits from every product to help empower women around the world in educational and business initiatives. Our creations are handcrafted from the finest Italian leather and animal cruelty free making them consciously chic.

Our handbags signify what women have achieved historically and can continue to achieve. We believe that our customers are not just buying a handbag but a timeless piece of British luxury leaving a legacy with every purchase.

Ordinary women doing extraordinary things
— Kausar

Our philosophy is that with self belief anything is possible. We translate this energy through inspiring quotes and images on the inner linings of our products. We carefully choose ordinary women who have achieved great things from Maria Teresa de Filippis the first woman to race in Formula One in 1958 to members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service inspecting dive bomber equipment in world war two 1943.  

The octagon shape can be found in a number of cultures, religions and architecture throughout history. The geometric octagonal design of our handbags represents infinity, renewal and balance.