Day to Night Handbags

So, you’ve been working in the office all day in and out of meetings or you’ve been looking after the kids and had to pop out for chores. You plan to go out later just to break up the day and relax with friends and family or attend that important corporate social, a date, a party but whatever it is you need something that will accessorise your outfit and make you look and feel fabulous. Your ever-growing commitments don’t allow you the time to change or even plan what you’ll be wearing later but you know that you need that confidence piece to go with your outfit.

Our schedules are chaotic these days whether you’re a professional, a mother or both. The time to change outfits for events is now a luxury. So, what do we need to confirm our greatness throughout our busy schedules these days? What we don’t need is extra stress but something that would help us to look, feel and function well such as a great day to night handbag or accessory. We need something that keeps us connected to our inner selves as we work through our daily routines. Something that keeps us feeling slightly fabulous as we shop in the local supermarket or read through daily spreadsheets and present at corporate meetings.   

There were so many unspoken rules before about what was appropriate office and evening wear. These days we’ve come a long way towards allowing people to reveal more of themselves. In fact, we have been allowed to celebrate ourselves more rather than having to save ourselves for the evening to transition into our brighter better selves.

As well as time being a luxury so is money. More and more modern women want to invest in a handbag that is versatile and doesn’t take up too much finance or wardrobe space. A versatile day to night handbag allows you to invest in that one piece that represents how fabulous you are. You’re able to get a great return on investment by being able to wear the same bag to work or dinner.

Time is of the essence these days and the most expensive commodity in everyone’s lives. You don’t have to compromise your personal style or time when you’re wearing a versatile handbag. In our collections the functionally has been designed with a hint of glamour, cutting edge design that informs you are consciously chic and inner linings which will keep you uplifted all day into the evening.

We’ve realised that adaptable handbags are much like light which changes throughout the day and seasons which change throughout the year. They allow you to be yourself and compliment your outfit with a luxurious depth that isn’t too boisterous.

So, this brings me to the million-dollar question what is the new ‘It’ bag? These days it’s a versatile luxury handbag that you can carry all day and all night because it’s an extension of yourself and it makes you look and feel beautiful.

After all fashion is an expression of ourselves and that expression translates into our wardrobe. Our handbags help you carry that energy throughout your whole day in this wonderful city we call London.