Personal Power

A woman’s power - what is it?

In this day and age, what does it mean to have female power? We like to argue that female power is not allowing your gender to define you, allowing yourself to have the ability to go above and beyond and not adhering to the stereotype that has followed us for hundreds of years. It is important to note than a womans power should be an attitude or state of mind,  and not used for controlling or manipulative motives. The true power in a woman is her own self perception and the way she then goes on to mould that perception and grow as a female and as an individual.

What are the different types of female power?

There are various types of power we have as women. Among these are the following:

Network Power, Interpersonal Power, Technical/Expert Power, Image Power, Formal Power, Resource Power, Physical Power, Attributes Power, Knowledge Power, Moral Power.

It can be argued that as women, we can find power in anything we wish to do or set our minds on. Realise that your power is individual to you and what may motivate and empower you may not be as appealing to someone else. As a result, you should consider the fact that everyone's experiences and reactions to situations are and will be different - find power in your individuality.

What can we create with our power?

Every type of power can be used to create something of worth to you, if you focus on positive actions. When we build and use our power we can create:

Strength, confidence, competence, positive personal qualities, service, generous, creative, humane power.

Through using our power to harness the above qualities, we can strive to support and help each other and make a positive impact on the world and those around us. Why not use your creative power to create art and give the proceeds when sold to charities that help empower other women that may not be as privileged as yourself? Or use the confidence your power gives you to ensure you ace that job interview for the role you have always wished for? The possibilities are endless when you evolve to use the power you create in a beneficial way.

Complaining vs problem solving.

Realise that complaining is unresourceful however problem solving is essential. Have you ever noticed that most of the things you complain about you actually have no control over for example; traffic? A way of problem solving in regards to the instance of traffic would simply be to be more organised and leave earlier. This may seem an obvious point but complaining over something you have no power over is useless, avoid complaining by taking control and problem solving.

Ways in which you can harness power.

There are many ways in which you can harness your power, one of the most important being ensuring healthy boundaries in your life; don’t overwork yourself and lose control of what is going on around you. Know your values and adhere to them, therefore supporting your personal power. In conclusion, take note of our three top tips:

 Don't waste time and energy on unproductive thoughts.

Make your self worth independent of other people's opinion.

Be willing to stand out from the crowd.