Kausar which means "abundance" founded her eponymous handbag and accessories brand in 2015 which pays homage to female empowerment and the belief that all women should live their lives abundantly.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom but grew up in a Kashmiri Pakistani family, Kausar was inspired by the intricate designs found in Kashmiri embroidery and wooden carvings. Coupled with her love for sacred geometry and art deco, and having travelled from an early age, Kausar has been exposed to rich cultural backgrounds which gave her an insight into international design, sustainability, history, and philanthropy. 

As a woman who loves unique luxury pieces, she knows about design and functionality which led to creating the transitional day to night statement bags. Every intricate detail from the embroidery to the luxury hardware has been part of her thought process and can be worn in different settings and venues giving almost a chameleon effect to each piece and the woman wearing it.

Conscious Chic with a British Touch


Our Philosophy - 'Kausar' means abundance and every woman should live her life abundantly. To transfer this energy and abundance every handbag is lined with powerful historical printed images and inspirational quotes from a bygone era of courageous women and a reminder that with self-belief anything is possible.

‘With self belief anything is possible’ - Like every woman, the inner part or ‘soul’ of our products is just as important as the exterior design or ‘spirit’. The aim is to make women everywhere appreciate and embrace their personal power.

Our Experience - As we move into a world that is more global, where the climate and treatment of animals are ever more concerning we inspire to create a bag that has a conscious, sustainable and ethical luxury with genuine Italian leathers. Our aim is to find a way of being sustainable and using as many bi-products as possible to therefore be ethical. The Italian leather used is a bi-product of meat. For more information please contact us at info@kausaronline.com

As a luxury brand, giving back is of the utmost importance and therefore Kausar has partnered with the first coding school for girls, Code to Inspire (CTI) established in the western city of Herat in Afghanistan. It is a two-year after-school program that has given more than 150 young female tech entrepreneurs skills and confidence to code, build apps, and generate work opportunities for themselves in turn rebuilding Afghanistan. CTI has been recognized by Google (Google Rise Awards), United Nations (Named Girl Hero Award), Marie Claire (Young Women’s Honors), and UC Berkeley (CITRIS Athena Awards for Women in Technology).

These girls would otherwise face numerous challenges to gain access to such education and employment in this technical field. Therefore, customers are not just buying a handbag but a timeless piece of British luxury leaving a legacy with every purchase.

Our Niche - This positive energy created in Kausar’s bags is translated through the unique design, inspiring quotes and images on the inner linings of her products. For inspiration, Kausar has carefully chosen ordinary women who have achieved great things from Maria Teresa de Filippis the first woman to race in Formula One in 1958 to members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service inspecting dive bomber equipment in world war two 1943. 

Even when she started working with small accessories she knew that she was not making products but vessels of positive energy that women could carry every day. These accessories are stylish, sustainable and empowering knowing that there is a history behind them and they are making a difference.